Testing Services

Functional Testing

Functional testing is about ensuring that the application is functioning as required and reducing  the risk of undetected bugs. Our approach to functional testing includes carefully planning and executing tests to ensure coverage followed by a phase of exploratory testing to ‘try to break’ the system and uncover obscure bugs. 

Regression Testing

Even after an application has been in production, testing continues to play an important role when enhancements or changes are made.  Whilst new changes should be tested, testing also needs to be performed on existing functionality to ensure that the changes have not caused unintended adverse effects anywhere else, thereby introducing bugs. This type of testing is called regression testing.
When the hardware or software environment changes, the application must be retested in all areas to ensure that it continues to function as expected. This may include changes such as a new server or an upgrade of system software. 

Cross Browser Testing

These days everyone uses different browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome. This can affect the appearance of software and in some cases even functionality. To mitigate against this, web applications should be tested on multiple browsers. 

Accessibility Testing

Website accessibility is about providing equal access and equal opportunity to people with varied abilities. It means that people with any visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive or neurological disability can perceive, understand, navigate and interact with the web. Accessibility considers others, such as older people, whose abilities may change over time.

Current web accessiblity standards are in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0). To assess whether a website, new or existing, meets the current standards an evaluation is conducted using both automated and manual techniques by professionals with familiarity of web mark-up language (eg HTML), skills with evaluation tools and knowledge of web accessibility. 

Mobile Testing

Mobile applications and websites are now available on a variety of mobile devices, all with different characteristics and operating systems. Mobile testing is about verifying that applications and websites function as expected on these devices.

Pricing & Approach

We typically work on a project basis and determine fees based on the complexity of the testing requirements.

We will work closely with you to produce the best testing solution by:

  • Understanding test requirements
  • Planning testing
  • Developing or reviewing test cases
  • Performing test execution
  • Analysing test results

At the completion of testing, we will provide an informative Test Summary Report.